Kart Racer Titus-Shanghai Schmidli

An amzing week at the world final 2016 in Sarno for Titus-Shanghai.
The world final took place between 16th and 22nd of October 2016 at the Sarno track near Napoli next to the Vesuvio.
Titus started well into the event with very good practice sessions. A perfect setup and knowing the track made Titus from the beginning very fast and he became 4th in the qualifying session.
In the following heats Titus ended on P2 and twice on P3. This resulted in the pole in the B Final which he finished in the 2nd position. Starting from the second row in the final he started well and defended his position during the start. In the second lap he was pushed out and reentered the race at the end of the field. Nevertheless he gained positions and finally scored P13. Still a good result but a lot of frustration for Titus and the Coles Team who did an excellent job at the world final.

This year the Swiss team ranked 5th in the nation cup of the world final. 52 nations were participating. Last year Switzerland was on 25th position. Total points in 2016 were 974. Titus alone contributed 325 points to this great result.

World Final In Sarno 2016

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Rotax World Final 2016


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