Eurochallenge Wackersdorf July

A perfect and exciting weekend in Wackersdorf! The difficult preparation finally resulted in an awesome final result. Again a very strong junior field was met at the Wackersdorf race in Germany. Juniors from all over the world and especially the strong drivers from the UK did predict a tough race weekend.

Titus aim was to reach the final race on Sunday through direct qualification, without going through the burdensome second chance heat. Due to strong heats, 15th, 11th and 9th positions, Titus qualified with the 22nd rank for the final race.

In the prefinal he advanced to the 16th position but then was involved in a collision who brought him back to the final 29th position.

34 junior drivers shared the starting grid at the final showdown. During a spectecular race Titus could push himself well through and crossed the finishing line in the very good 17th position.

See the start to the final race Video Wackersdorf

Rotax Max Euro Challenge Wackersdorf July 2015

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Rotax Euro Challenge Wackersdorf 26th July 2015


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