Kart Racer Titus-Shanghai Schmidli

A race to forget…or, much learning but finally a bad result in Adria!
We met a challenging circuit in Adria on which a lot of engine power was needed to get good track times. Although we missed some of the engine power and which resulted in around 0.4s disadvantage compared to the top juniors Titus did well in pushing himself to the 28th position in the qualifying session. The chassis set up was good but it did not help Titus when he was pushed out twice in the following heats. Although he was in the first starting row in the second chance heat, and which starting position he was able to defend during the first laps, he lost some positions and was not able to enter the final race.
Anyway, it was the last race of this year and we are very happy with our overall performance during this race season and Titus’ first year in the junior class. He was crowned with the Vice Champion Rotax Junior title in Switzerland.

Rotax Max Euro Challenge Open October 2015

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