Euro Castelletto

Again a very tough week for Titus at the Rotax Max Euro Challenge in Castelletto. The final ranking was not top and we could not reach our target to enter the Final. Although our track time improved a lot over the training sessions, the qualifying and the heats Titus was fighting against very strong competitors from all over the world. Back in the Wintercup our lap times were far behind the best drivers and this time we could reduce this a lot. In the qualifying sesssion on Friday we were only 0.8 seconds behind the top driver. Titus progressed well through heat #1 and #2 but was kicked out in heat #3 at the first turn after the start. Although that his chassis was wrecked he still finished the race. This resulted in a much unfavourable starting position in the second chance heat. Finally we lost the opportunity to enter the finals.

Pictures for the Eurochallenge Race in Castelletto

Rotax Euro Challenge Castelletto May 2015

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Rotax Euro Challenge Castelletto 31st May 2015


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