Kart Racer Titus-Shanghai Schmidli

A very hot race! The weather was perfect and a lot of grip on the track. Indeed too much grip for Titus.
Titus faced much difficulties in adjusting from MOJO to the much softer VEGA tyres and his track times were not much convincing. In only four practice sessions Titus had not only to understand the track but also get used to the high grip conditions. Nevertheless Titus secured the 12th best qualifying time. In heat number one Titus ended on the 16th position but crashed in the second heat. As a consequence Titus had to start in the second chance heat. A heavy accident and the loss of engine cooling water rounded up the race meeting in Portimao. Indeed a very frustrating event for Titus. On the other side a great learning experience.

Kart Academy Trophy Portimao

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Academy Portimao June 16


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