What a race meeting in Wackersdorf at the second round of the Rotax European Championship!

After winning the Swiss championship in 2019 and participation at the World Final in Sarno  it was a hard start into the first race of this year. Still frustrated about the technical defect at the World Final and thrown back from the Corona up and downs Titus needed to find his pace.

During the practice sessions no real progress was made and only P31 after Qualifying was the result after very hard work at Titus’ favoured track.

A very good first heat with P7 and two solid other heats resulted in P24 after the heats and thus direct entry into the final. At this point some leading drivers of the championship were left behind.

Sunday’s prefinal and final did not work out for us. But only in regard of the final result. In the final the strong start as in the prefinal could not be repeated. An accident in lap four, caused Titus to crash into a driver that was in front of him. The driver defended rather aggressively and caused the crash. At least Titus could finish the race.

This was Titus’ first race in 2020 compared to most of the other drivers that either raced in karts or cars already this year. Nevertheless we are rather happy with the overall performance and development during this high level race meeting in Germany.

Many thanks to Dan Holland Racing and the whole team. A highly skilled team and keeping a good team spirit with the other drivers and their mechanics. Also many thanks for the financial support of APM Technica, Certina Watches, Sterngarage and SGSW. Last but not least we thank Spuhl, Titus’ employer, to allow him to be away from the company.

Rotax Euro Wackersdorf 2020

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Euro Wackersdorf 2020


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