Rotax Euro nn Malaga 2015

Our first big race took place from the 9th to the 15th of February 2015 in Malaga Spain. The Wintercup of the Rotax Eurochallenge, one of the toughest Kart series, was a big challenge for us. Although that the final result was not the best the whole event gave us a great opportunity to learn and we developed our performance through the practice sessions and the races. The reality was tough and our time deficit was five seconds to the fastest drivers at the beginning. This time gap melted down to one second at the final races and Titus was able to keep up with the strong midfield of the strongest Rotax Junior drivers in the world.
Our team was by far the smallest but nevertheless we are very optimistic that we can further develop our performance together with Dennis of Woik Motorsport.


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Eurochallenge Wintercup 2015 Malaga


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  1. Hey, Titus well done!
    It’s true, Rotax Eurochallenge is one of the toughest Kart series I ever heard.
    Wish you have a very good races and good lucks for 2015.

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