Genk Euro April 2016

A superbe race in Genk at the Euro Challenge! This was the first time Titus started with the Coles team from the UK. Titus finished on the 20th position in the final race on Sunday out of 54 Junior entries. Only heat number three on Saturday was acceptable in which Titus finished on 8th position. Thus Titus was directly in the finals on Sunday on grid 19. A heavy accident already in the first Sunday race did cause a wrecked chassis. The chassis looked like a banana with about 50mm offset. Nevertheless the Coles team fixed the chassis and we could enter the parc ferme just in the last minutes before the final race took place. There Titus could only start from the 32nd position and advanced well during the race. He finished on the 20th position just behind his team mate Adam Smalley. Many thanks goes to everyone of the Coles team. Although some unluck on our side we are happy and know we can do better!

Rotax Euro Challange Genk April 2016

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Rotax Euro Genk April 2016


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