Kart Racer Titus-Shanghai Schmidli

A great week of racing started on the 10th of May in Castelletto IT and ended on the 16th in Wohlen CH.
Two races were planned. The first at the Rotax Euro Challenge in Italy and the second in Wohlen Switzerland.

In the Euro Challenge Titus had a good qualifying and ranked 18th. In the following three heats he had very good results and ended each on either position nine or ten. This helped him to enter directly the finals and where he could start on the eight grid. He won a few position and could start from grid six in the final. He lost some positions in the final race and finished on the 23rd rank.

Straight after the Castelletto race we headed for Wohlen in Switzerland to participate at the RMC Switzerland round #2. We arrived at track at 23.00 and first had to prepare the kart for the Wohlen race. We took the risk and stareted in the morning without any previous training in Wohlen! Titus won the qualifying and secured the pole position. He won the two prefinals and became second in the final race!

For us a very good but tough racing week. Again Titus gained a lot of experience at the Euro and increased his lead in the Swiss RMC.

Many thanks goes to Coles Racing and Woik Motorsport.


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Euro & Swiss RMC May 2016


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