The 2017 Season was very tough for Titus. After two years of very good results in the Rotax and OK-Academy Junior classes the landing was hard.

For several reasons it was difficult: change of engine type (to OK), different race series (DKM), new team (Forza) and mostly due to the change from the Junior class into the Senior class. Finally Titus started his apprenticeship with BMS after the summer Holidays.
The OK class opened a complete new dimension of Karting to us. The very professional environment and especially at the DKM (The German Championship) was an eye opener. It looked for us that financial and time resources of the others were just not limited.
However considering that we finished two times on a tenth position in the finals we finally are not so much disappointed in what we have achieved. Albeit in racing only the top classfications are counting.

The 2017 Season could only be possible due to the great support from different people and companies, namely:
APM- Technica, Mr. Arthur Philipp
Stern Garage, Mr. and Ms. Bischofberger
Certina Watches, Management
Fehr Braunwalder, Mr. Thomas Braunwalder
Kolant Wärmepumpen Boiler
Egger Bodenbeläge, Mr. Peter Egger
Maler Mayer, Patrick Mayer
Meier Sanitär, Mr. Frank Meier

and all the great supporters of our “I Believe in You” campaign.
For sure without their great support we could never afford two complete new Chassis, the race engine rental and servicing, immense quantity of tyres…
A big thank you goes to all of them!!!

The way forward counts and we are ready!

As in the Junior class the first year was “learning”. In the second year we are well prepared. Preparation that already have started during this fall: the new engine dyno is amost ready, driver coaching organised during the Christmas break, fitness training…and developing further the right mind for racing.

In the same time Titus is developing his professional carrer and training as a design engineer at Spuhl in Wittenbach. The support of his employer is most important in winning the first races in 2018!

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

2017 a tough year – get strong for 2018


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